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NATO and Turcoterrorism

NATO celebrated its 60th anniversary with a summit at Strasbourg-Kehl, with Cyprus, Afghanistan, and energy at the top of its agenda, but with Turcoterrorism on all minds, electing Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as its new secretary-general despite terrorist Turkey's strong opposition. Basil Venitis points out Turkey, the most terrorist nation on Earth, has the nerve to apply for EU membership, even though it terrorizes many EU islands every single day, and it occupies and colonizes for 35 years now 40% of Cyprus, a member state of EU!

Turkey should not even think of joining EU! Moreover, terrorist Turkey should be expelled from NATO. Turkey claims that since its army is the second largest in NATO after the American army, it can violate all international laws as it pleases and can bully all its neighbors! Venitis points out Turcophile Greek PM Costas Caramanlis has his roots in Caraman of Turkey! War is a time-tested political tactic guaranteed to raise a president's popularity rating by at least 30 points. It is especially useful during election years and economic downturns.

After serving as NATO general secretary for five-and-a-half years, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is vacating his post by Aug. 1 in favor of Turcophobe Rasmussen. There will be grave changes in the secretariat, too. Former Danish Ambassador to Turkey Jesper Vahr is joining Rasmussen's private secretariat. NATO's presence in Somalia, Kosovo and Afghanistan still stand as a big challenge for NATO's next era under Rasmussen. But nothing is more serious than the 35-year Turcoterrorism in North Cyprus.

Venitis notes that casus belli is a Latin expression meaning justification for acts of war. Casus means incident while belli means of war. In 1995, The Turkish Parliament issued a casus belli against Greece in reaction to a possibility of an enacted extension of Greek territorial waters from 6 nautical miles(11 km) to 12 nautical miles(22 km) from the coast. Greece has the UN Law of the Sea on its side. Nevertheless, Turkey terrorizes on a daily basis many Greek islands, especially Kalogeroi, Imia, Antipsara, Pontiko, Fournoi, Arkoi, Agathonisi, Pharmakonisi, Kalolimnos, Pserimos, Gyali, Kandheliousa, and Sirina.

Rasmussen's political career is not promising to Turcoterrorists, where many challenges NATO faces are rooted. NATO put its Article 5, which says NATO has a right to self-defense if one member of the organization is attacked, into use for the first time by organizing an assault on Afghanistan. Rasmussen does not have a positive image among Turcoterrorists due to his sluggish reaction to the Danish cartoon crisis, which erupted in 2005, displaying the Prophet Muhammad in a disrespectful way. NATO's occupation of Afghanistan has also besmeared its image. In this respect, Turkey's opposition to Turcophobe Rasmussen's election is understandable. By opposing Rasmussen, Turkey expressed the concern of Turcoterrorism and by getting reassurances, terrorist Turkey allowed Rasmussen's rise to the secretariat. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Venitis points out the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was launched on 20 July 1974. Barbarian Turkish troops occupied 40% of the island's territory. The United Nations still recognizes the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus according to the terms of its independence in 1960. At least 200,000 refugees were created by the infamous invasion, thousands were murdered, and thousands are missing. Cypriots are still denied their basic human rights, including the right of access to and use of their property.

Denmark did not ban Roj TV, a media mouthpiece of the Kurdistan Workers' Party(PKK) terrorist organization in Europe, despite Turkey's unreasonable requests. Turkey was also concerned about Rasmussen's reaction to the cartoon crisis in his own country, in his role as then-prime minister of Denmark. Trying to redefine its role in the international community after the Cold War, NATO's new discourse centered on terrorism and energy security. This difficult challenge is now on Rasmussen's shoulders. Rasmussen is the most qualified person selected to lead NATO in a long time. As the thrice-elected prime minister of a small but strong EU country, he is a smart, pragmatic, and decisive leader. Denmark has long punched above its weight in NATO affairs, so Rasmussen is well versed on security topics. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Venitis asserts the 100,000 invading terrorist Turkish troops in northern Cyprus must return to Turkey right now. The 200,000 barbarian Turkish settlers, placed there by terrorist Turkey as part of its long term imperialist plan of Turkish expansionism, must also return to Turkey. The demographic structure of the island has been continuously modified as a result of the deliberate policies of terrorist Turks. Islamofascist motherfucker Turkish nationals are systematically arriving in the northern part of Cyprus. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Rasmusssen can only do so much. He is a figurehead, a diplomat, a public face but ultimately little power rests with him. NATO is an intergovernmental organization that leaves power largely at the nation-state level Therefore, Rasmussen is not in a position to demand combat troops from member states, that's the decision of individual governments. Rasmussen's metrics of success will be marked largely by his style and management, whether he is able to bridge the gaps between members on various issues, such as enlargement, whether he can reform NATO's cumbersome structures, and whether he could throw the terrorist Turkish troops out of Cyprus.

Gray Wolves is the paramilitary terrorist organization of Turkey that carries out all secret terrorist acts of the Turkish government. They are named after Asena, a legendary ancient female wolf that led captive Turks to freedom. Their dream is to create Turan, the Great Turkish Empire, including all Turkic peoples mainly in the Central Asian countries a well as the Caucasus and the Uygurs' homeland of East Turkestan in the Xinjiang province of Northwestern China.

Turkey's strong opposition of Rasmussen's election to the post of secretary-general of NATO has sparked a growing concern in Turkey that Turkish-NATO relations under Rasmussen will be fraught with tension. Turkey will have a problem with Rasmussen, because Turkey's aggressive foreign policy is aimed at bringing huge problems to the Eastern Med. Turkey is not simply obsessed with a few problems, and its terrorism deals with a variety of issues both in the region and in international affairs. Turkey only expressed the concerns of the Turcoterrorist world to NATO, and after getting certain guarantees Turkey allowed the election of Rasmussen. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Rasmussen has a very full agenda. NATO's number-one priority is throwing the terrorist Turkish troops out of cyprus, but other items will compete for Rasmussen's attention very quickly, including Afghanistan, negotiations for a new strategic concept, NATO-Russian relations, and an eastward enlargement of the alliance. On all these issues, Turkey is an bully member of NATO and on the whole, Turkey has sought to terrorize rather than help developments within the alliance. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Gray Wolves are responsible for thousands of political assassinations and disappearances and have ties with the Turkish mafia, the Turkish government, the Turkish military, the Turkish intelligence services, and the Turkish Treasury. The 1981 attempt on Pope John Paul II's life was carried out by Gray Wolf Mehmet Ali Agca. Gray Wolves were involved in myriad attacks on Cypriots, destroying their properties and murdering thousands in cold blood. They have also caused myriad fires in EU forests.

The NATO-Turkey relationship is, and will continue to be, extremely problematic because of turcoterrorism. Rasmussen understands this. If Turkey had seriously opposed Rasmussen, he would not be the new NATO chief. NATO is a consensus organization. There may have been disagreements on certain issues, such as the wildly exaggerated cartoon debate, but there is clearly disrespect in Turkey for Rasmussen as a Turcophobic leader and as an enemy of Turkey. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Venitis claims that wars are not won with numbers, but with souls and will! 300 Spartans stood up against myriad Persians. Robert McNamara was a great bean counter. But bean counters shouldn't try to run the world. That's the legacy McNamara leaves us. The Pentagon is run more along the lines of the bean-counter approach that McNamara originally championed. Winston Churchill knew the fight for freedom should never be reduced to arithmetic. Churchill understood that fight was a test of wills, not an inanimate problem waiting to be solved. The huge Turkish army should not intimidate Europe. Europe only needs soul and will to stop Turcoterrorism. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

Turkey plans to Islamize Europe, especially Cyprus and Germany. Venitis points out that Muhammad, a charlatan suffering from bipolar disorder and illusions, founded Islam, a terrorist religion based on holy war. Jihad means to strive or struggle, the Sixth Pillar of Islam. Jihad, in its broadest sense, is defined as exerting one's utmost power, efforts, endeavors, or ability in contending with an object of disapprobation. Depending on the object being a visible enemy, the devil, and aspects of one's own self, different categories of Jihad are defined. Jihad, when used without any qualifier, is understood in its military aspect. Jihad also refers to one's striving to attain religious and moral perfection. Muslims distinguish between the greater jihad, which pertains to spiritual self-perfection, and the lesser jihad, defined as warfare. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!

The Muhammad cartoons controversy began after twelve editorial cartoons, most of which depicted charlatan Muhammad, were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 30 September 2005. The newspaper announced that this publication was an attempt to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship. Further examples of the cartoons were soon reprinted in newspapers in more than fifty other countries, further deepening the controversy.

This led to protests across the Muslim world, some of which escalated into violence with police firing on the crowds, resulting in more than 200 deaths, including setting fire to the Danish Embassies in Syria, Lebanon and Iran, storming European buildings, and desecrating the Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and German flags. Various groups, primarily in the Western world, responded by endorsing the Danish policies, including Buy-Danish campaigns and other displays of support. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen described the controversy as Denmark's worst international crisis since World War II.

The modern, secular society is rejected by Muslims. They demand a special position, insisting on special consideration of their own religious feelings. It is incompatible with contemporary democracy and freedom of speech, where you must be ready to put up with insults, mockery, and ridicule. It is certainly not always attractive and nice to look at, and it does not mean that religious feelings should be made fun of at any price, but that is of minor importance in the present context.

We are on our way to a slippery slope where no one can tell how the selfcensorship will end. The cartoonists treat Islam the same way they treat Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions. And by treating Muslims as equals they made a point: We are integrating you into the tradition of satire, because you are part of civilization, not strangers. The cartoons are including, rather than excluding, Muslims.

Rasmussen will begin his new job Aug. 1. Although Turkey originally objected to Rasmussen's election, his promise to close Roj TV and to appoint at least one Turk to a position in the decision-making body's secretariat loosened Turkey's intense opposition. Rasmussen's biggest challenge is how to throw the terrorist Turkish troops out of North Cyprus, everything else is trivial in comparison. Rasmussen should throw the casusbelli terrorist Turkey out of NATO now!



Turcoterrorist playing casus belli

Turcoterrorist as a pirate

Turcoterrorist on a bad turban day

Turcoterrorist with sand in his eye

Turcoterrorist wearing sunglasses

Turcoterrorist giving EU the raspberry

EU Giving Turcoterrorist the raspberry

Turcoterrorist with a bomb in his turban invading Cyprus

Turcoterrorist sees a Cypriot

Turcoterrorist spy

Turcoterrorist goes bananas

Turcoterrorist wears his Johnny Carson Great-Carsoni turban

Erdogan after going quail hunting with Dick Cheney

Imperialist Turcoterrorist

Turcoterrorist wearing his personalized designer turban

Turcoterrorist wearing his elevator turban

Turcoterrorist with an explosive device in his turban

Turcoterrorist is not pleased with Europeans

Pope hates Turcoterrorists

Priest hates Turcoterrorists

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Santa Claus hates Turcoterrorists

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Devil loves Turcoterrorists

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